The Ellen Isabel

Price: 275 €/week and 200 €/weekend or any 3 night stay.
An extra bed if required, will cost 15 € and a cot 10 €. An extra day will cost 40 €.

The Ellen Isabel is a one bedroom Lodge in a newly converted Courtyard building that was originally workers living accommodation in years gone by. It is over what was an old forge, beside a large stables on one side and also over what was a carriage/coach house. It is named after Ellen Isabel Shackleton who was born here in Belan in 1834 and was the daughter of Richard Ebenezer Shackleton who ran the corn mills on what was the Belan House Estate. She subsequently married William James Fennell of Burtown and was a keen gardener, designing the gardens that can still be enjoyed at Burtown House. This Lodge has an entrance hallway, cloakroom with washing machine, toilet and hand basin. The stairs brings you to the dining and raised kitchen area. There is a bedroom with king sized bed, bathroom and walk in wardrobe, also upstairs. This Lodge is tastefully decorated with stonework and slit windows incorporated into the finished design. There was once an art room located here and the Lodge still retains an artistic flavour.

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