The Edward Augustus

The Edward Augustus is a large 3 bedroom apartment  it can be rented out on a self catering basis for 575 €/week
and 350 €/weekend or any 3 night stay.
An extra bed if needed will cost 20 € and a cot 10 €. An extra night will cost 75 €.

The Edward Augustus B&B Lodge The Edward Augustus is a large 3 bedroom Lodge in a perfectly converted Courtyard building that used to be the main cow house with a sizeable hayloft overhead. It is named after Edward Augustus Stratford, the 2nd Earl of Aldborough, 1736-1801, who owned and developed the Belan House Estate. His work and his vision for this part of the Estate can still be enjoyed at Belan Lodge. There are 3 double rooms, ensuite with kingsized beds downstairs, accessed through an original old passageway. The rooms are tastefully decorated with slit windows in the bathrooms. Upstairs are the kitchen and very spacious dining room with WC. There is a hallway at one end of the dining room leading to a stone staircase down into the Courtyard and a door at the other end of the dining room leads out onto a large verandah overlooking a significant garden with a staircase leading down into the bar area.

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